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Who We Are

Assisting and supporting people with Severe and Enduring Mental Health diagnosis, Autism, Asperger’s, Physical Disabilities, Complex Learning and Personality Disorders.

We at 365 Support have extensive experience of Challenging Behaviour and Complex Needs. Our Directors have a proven track record of working with challenging service users within the community and special hospital settings. There is a plethora of skills, experience and qualifications throughout the organisation.

We are committed to supporting people with a mental illness and /or learning disability to achieve a standard of living that is equal to that of other members of the community. We aim to ensure that our workforce provides a well organised system of support committed to working alongside individuals, their families and their friends to provide new and innovative ways to help them on their road to recovery.

Director: Catherine Turner

Cathy has worked in the Health and Social Care sector for 17 years. During this time Cathy has worked in a variety of settings including managing an Autism Respite service, setting up and operationally managing a Crisis Service from 2007 to 2014; which became an NHS award winning service. She was also the business development manager for her previous company – setting up and placing over 200 service users in quality accommodation with support as required to meet their needs. Her aim in life is to enable people who have a disability to live a full and active life. She aspires to promote positive mental health for all people who are in our care. She believes it is essential to work collaboratively with other members of the team alongside all outside agencies, this helps achieve good concerted practice which meets the holistic needs of each service-user.

Cathy has a great understanding of mental health theory, research and legal/ethical issues and how that translates into the lives and needs of service-users and their rights, as well as an awareness of the importance of equal opportunities, cultural and religious beliefs, in order to provide care that addresses the holistic needs of the service-user. Cathy understands the importance of recognizing that this must reflect the diversity of the individual, and therefore, strives towards a client-centred approach in her work. Cathy believes that she should always act as an advocate on behalf of those service-users in our care, who require it, in order to promote their rights, as they may not be aware of, or have the capacity to understand their rights; and has a duty to ensure that their rights are upheld.

Rachel Clarke

It has been fourteen years since Rachel decided to fulfil her desire for a career in Human Resources. During this period she undertook changeable roles within HR due to career advancements in both existing and new companies that she has worked within. She always prides herself on being approachable, being of an open nature and highly personable. Rachel’s specialism is in all aspects of HR, having had key roles in several areas of responsibility and provided advice, guidance and support to other personnel.

Rachel made a decision at the outset of 2014 to leave her position as a HR Manager to work for 365 Support Ltd and take on the role of development of Human Resources and Learning & Development at 365 Support Limited. Rachel has both demonstrated and succeeded in guiding and supporting staff a senior managers in all aspects of HR practices from advice on recruitment and selection matters to advice and guidance concerning disciplinary and grievance matters ensuring they act fairly and legally thus providing a more effective working environment. Such effective working keeps disciplinary matters to a minimum and improves staff retention as staff feel both fairly treated and valued, in turn assisting in the growth of 365 Support Limited.

Lindsey Garner

I am a qualified Mental Health Nurse with a post graduate degree in psychosocial interventions for people with serious mental illness. My career spans a 16 year period whereby I have carried out a number of roles including management and previously having been a registered manager with CQC. I have up to date CPD in line with my nursing qualification and have completed all mandatory training. I am currently undertaking a QCF 5 in management and leadership which will further cement and support my management skills.

Working with 365 Support, a progressively expanding company, allows me to utilise my skills in leading a positive change. Actively working with management and staff to implement positive change whilst ensuring support to our service users is uninterrupted and improved is a key competency reflected by 365 Supports service user outcomes. Quite often change brings about concerns from staff, and my ability to listen, discuss and support staff through this change is a key ability to the registered manager role.

In relation to this, I see the ability to positively mediate between both management and support staff to be an essential ability in the daily running of 365 Support. This allows for a positive climate within the company, with any issues that do arise being quickly and effectively dealt with through the form of mediation. I also feel that this characteristic ensures all staff feel comfortable in discussing any concerns or ideas with me.

Furthermore I believe, and actively incorporate in my work the ideology that any issues and/or concerns should be tackled head on instead of avoiding them in the hope things will change over time. Linking back to the previous point of leading positive change; I believe actively addressing problems allows for not only complete transparency, but the constant opportunity to learn and improve on a number of factors including staffing issues, potential complaints and ensuring best practice is consistently achieved.

Finally in partnership with this, I believe the concept of reflective practice is essential in delivering the highest standard of support to our service users. I believe in reflecting on all occurrences, both positive and negative, with the inclusion of compliments, complaints and incidents. My belief in consistent reflection on all aspects of both my personal work and the day to day running of the company ensures that best practice can be actively achieved on a daily basis, evident in the high standard of care delivered to our service users.

Tom Massey

I am a qualified mental health nurse with over 40 years of experience with working in the Mental Health sector. During this time I have lead on setting up numerous services within the community.
I have managed community teams and worked clinically with complex and challenging individuals, leading on their care and ensuring an effective outcome.
I am a pleasant approachable mature man who is committed to improving the lives and opportunities of service users with mental health issues. I have developed professional links with local services and universities. These links have been developed in order to support service users with mental health diagnosis to have effective involvement in both the community and 365 Support Ltd as an organisation.

I recognise the importance of keeping physically fit and active and how this works towards maintaining good mental health. I actively use my own experiences to support the organisation and develop within this area.

I work with the service teams directly and provide support and guidance, specifically in relation to reflecting upon incidents and how we can organisationally learn from them. I use my knowledge and experience to support the development of processes and policies for the organisation to ensure a safe and well led organisation.

From a personal perspective, I enjoy sports, mountaineering, music, reading and going out socially. These interests allow me to develop relationships with individual service users, as well as the staff members within 365 support ltd. This, furthermore, allows me to use my skills to develop effective working relationships with all and ensure their thoughts, ideas and input is taken to the senior management team and guides the path of the organisation.

At present, I am enjoying the challenge of leading on and contributing towards 365 Support Ltd developing excellent working practices. This includes leading on creating professional and positive relationships with outside agencies and working to enhance the care and support of our client group.