Support Workers – Wirral

Support Worker


Job Title   – Support Worker

Responsible to  – Service Manager      Reports to         – Operational Manager

Main purpose of the role

Promotion of the ‘Recovery Star’
The Star used is a tool for optimising individual recovery and gaining the information to create recovery-focused Care Plan.  The Star Chart was co-developed by service users and staff members in partnership and covers 10 life domains.  These are:
1. Managing mental health 2. Self-care 3. Living skills 4. Social networks 5. Work 6. Relationships 7. Addictive behaviour 8. Responsibilities 9. Identity and self esteem 10. Trust and hope

Main responsibilities of roleTo support people to design, develop and own the support they receive by planning ‘with
them’, making an effective contribution to Personalised Planning.  To support people to make informed choices and increase their independence.  To support people to exercise their cultural beliefs and practices.  To enable people to form and maintain relationships of their choice.  To support people to maintain their home/living environment  To promote & increase independence for the people we support.   To enable the people we support to take positive risks in their lives.  To ensure the on-going safety of the people we support by reporting/actioning concerns
through Local Authority Safeguarding Policies or the organisations whistle blowing policy.

Enabling & Support

To actively participate in helping people draw up their Personalised Plan and, following the
agreed plan, provide input when required, reviewing and refreshing the plan to ensure the
needs of the person are met.    To support people to develop and maintain relationships, as identified in the individual’s
Personalised Plan and facilitate the development of new relationships  To support people to make informed choices around a healthy lifestyle.   To support people to meet their leisure, work, social, emotional and spiritual needs.  To support people to connect with their community in accordance with their wishes as
identified in their Personalised Plan.    To support people in managing their finances to ensure financial independence and stability.   To support people to maintain a suitably clean and safe living environment.  This may
include cleaning either with or without assistance service users individual accommodations.  To support people to access other support mechanisms through effective signposting as
outlined in their Personalised Plan.  To support people to maintain the safety and security of their home.   To enable people to maintain their health & wellbeing including support with medication
and/or personal care needs if identified within their Personalised Plan.

Support our Mission and Values

To ensure that staff develop positive relationships with people supported and actively
support and promote individual outcomes.  To work with the team to deliver what is important to the people they support and what
they want for the future.  To keep the people supported and those important to them central in the planning and
review of their service.  To demonstrate the principles of person centred practices.  To act as a positive role model.

Learning & Development

There are requirements to:-

Participate fully in learning and development in accordance with the requirements of 365
Support.    Attend and actively participate in supervision sessions and annual appraisals.    Attend and actively participate in all team meetings.    Develop & share skills to aid in the provision and improvement of support.

Further Responsibilities

To deliver a high level of service in accordance with the organisation’s aims and objectives,
and Policies and Procedures.    To comply with the General Social Care Council Code of Professional Conduct for Social Care
Workers.    To treat all people with dignity and respect always promoting an environment free from
bullying, harassment and intimidation.    To take responsibility for own health and safety and that of the people the organisation
support, members of staff and others.  To report any areas of risk to the Line Manager.    To report and record information and learning in accordance with requirements.

To work effectively as part of a team.Health & Safety

You have a legal responsibility not to endanger yourself, your fellow employees and others by your
individual acts or omissions.  The post holder is required to comply with the requirements of any
policy or procedure issued in respect of minimising the risk of injury or disease.  All accidents must
be reported to your Line Manager and in line with the general philosophy of the organisation. As
such, all staff are required to work in accordance with the Health & Safety at Work Act.


As a member of staff for 365 Support you are expected to uphold the principles of confidentiality
and protect all information from inappropriate disclosure. This is particularly important where the
information is of a personal or sensitive nature.


All employees should be aware that due to the nature of work 365 Support undertakes there are
elements of risk relating to behaviours that may be described as challenging and moving and
handling. Appropriate training will be offered and staff will be required to participate. There may be
a risk due to passive smoking.

This job description is a guideline and is in no way restrictive or definitive and it is subject to annual review