Mental Health: Frequently asked questions

Am I going to receive a high-quality recording?

Absolutely, My studio is professional-, broadcast quality. Take a listen to the Demo and hear the difference.

Why do I need a professional voice over talent? Why can't I just have my friend with a "cool voice" do my voice over?

Great question! Voice over talents like myself have not only the training, but also the experience with recording, editing, producing and understanding the broadcast requirements for voice and music tracks. Sure having a good "voice" for Voice Over work is a good start, but far more goes into creating and delivering a high-quality voice over than most people realize. You really do get what you pay for. Sure, you can have your friend with a 'cool voice" do your voice over but unless he has a sound-proof studio with broadcast quality recording equipment and ability to edit after recording, then you might be making a call to someone like me to get you the voice over your project needs.

Will the voiceover sound the way I want it to? How can I direct you if I’m not there in the studio?

Great communication is always the key. The more information you provide me at the beginning, the smoother it will go. For example, If you are looking for a certain voice style (Narration, Character, Audiobook, etc), or a certainly voice personality (Grouchy Old Man, Rugged Western Cowboy, Care-Free Teen-Surfer, etc) It is important to provide this information to me before I start recording. You need to specify the tone of voice you want, what pace to use, etc. Further, when you write the script, it is recommended to include instructions. Put words that should be emphasized in bold or italics, and if you need longer pauses write that in the script, too. If you made a mistake in the script, or if you later decide to change the direction, I will provide a recut at my standard per-word rates, but with a much lower minimum fee.

I’m having a video or explainer white-board made. Should the voiceover be recorded before the video, or should the video be created before the voiceover?

Although the voiceover is usually recorded before the video I can record my vocal to match your video timiing, however this woud be a small additional fee.

How fast can you have my voiceover ready?

My normal turnaround time is usually 24-hours for projects up to 2,000 words. Longer projects may or may not take longer. Please contact me for details on your project and word count to get an accurate time-frame for delivery.

But voiceover is litterally just you talking, right? Why can’t you record my five-minute script and send it back later today?

This is quite common. In reality, voice over is actually a lot of work, and it requires skill and time for the audio to be edited properly. For example, for every hour of recorded audio, it takes 4-6 hours of editing time to make the voice over sound like you hear on radio, television, audiobooks, narrations, etc.

Would you provide your voice for charities or benefits at a discounted rate?

Yes. I am very active in helping any way I possibly can. If you are a charity organization, and I believe in your cause, I would consider recording your project at a discounted rate.

What if I need a project done super-quick and you are out of town or not at your home studio?

I have a professional travel studio setup which allows me to record, edit and deliver broadcast quality voice tracks from nearly any location.

Mental Health

Most people who have little or no experience dealing with persons in mental health crisis may be fearful and uncertain as to how best to help a person in this position.


Unfortunately, popular media (television, in particular) do not always present an accurate portrayal of the symptoms of mental illness and the best response to persons suffering from a mental health crisis – leading to some common misconceptions about the level of dangerousness of people in crisis and corresponding need for aggressive force in response.

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