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Service Users

Transition Plan

365 acknowledge that moving accommodation can be a stressful time for anybody and especially so for those in times of crisis or who has experienced a recent tenancy breakdown. Therefore we will endeavour to ensure that the transition into supported accommodation is as seamless as possible.


Thorough assessment from competent team members will ensure that the correct level of support is provided right from the start, looking at finding common ground between staff and the individual to help build up therapeutic relationships; ensuring plans are in place from the onset which are designed to support the individual and provide the staff team with information /knowledge required; also practical support such as addressing monetary matters, benefits and purchasing goods for their new home.

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Support Plans & Monitoring Outcome Forms

We foresee that most people who come to us will already have a care team in place and be receiving support from a member of the community mental health team. If appropriate the staff team will have access to any care plans and advance statements to ensure that the correct level of support and care is being offered to achieve care plan goals.

Besides this the service will also work with individuals to produce care plans to help them maintain their tenancy, access the community and develop independent living skills. Short and long term goals will be set and regularly reviewed.

Be Healthy

  • Our training of support workers contains a focus on the skills necessary to stay healthy, such as healthy eating.

  • We will encourage a healthy lifestyle to all service users, and we will link into recreation passport schemes, seeking opportunities for service users to develop their fitness.

  • We would monitor all aspects of the service user’s personal care, and assist when required.

  • We would work closely with service users to ensure GP and dental appointments are maintained. Plus - Health Action

  • Plans are updated and adhered to.

Drinking Water

Safety & Security
As an organisation signed up to Safeguarding Procedures, we have Trained Safeguarding Adults Officer, who has a good understanding of the role of the “Alerter” and has experience of working with the local authority.

Risk assessments would be completed, and support strategies put in place to ensure service users’ safety in their own home and outside community

Financial Management
365 Support services will be required to be funded via a direct payment, 365 will help you manage your direct payment.

356 will also if required assist with the management of service users finances; from supporting service users to manage their money to becoming appointees. This would be done with the approval of the local authority, and in partnership with family members. All service users money would also be subject to these procedures.

All supported financial arrangements are done within the framework of the Mental Capacity Act 2007.

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