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Group of Friends
"We will help people ‘live’ with their mental illness and still have a meaningful life."

We Offer:


  • 24 hour supported accommodation

  • Move on accommodation

  • Community support

  • Respite

We will look to develop and maintain:

  • A decrease in hospital admissions

  • Maintaining a tenancy and social inclusion

  • Promote involvement in care through collaborative practice

  • Good mental health

  • Increase in skills

  • Hope for the future

  • Meaningful, positive relationships

  • The opportunity to move forward (decreased support levels)


It is envisioned that with the correct support that people will have greater social inclusion and feel that they can get their life back on track and into the community.


We will support service users subject to MAPPA (Multi agency public protection arrangements), subject to probation orders, Schedule 1 offenders, and service user subject to electronic tagging.


We aim to deliver positive outcomes for people with functional and organic Mental Health issues including people with more complex or higher support needs, people with forensic histories and dual diagnosis, personality disorders and those who ‘challenge’ services.

Group Discussion

The following list provides an example of the skills we look to promote:

  • Help with budgets and money management

  • Household chores: including shopping and cooking

  • Maintaining tenancy agreements by dealing with matters as and when they arise

  • Increasing positive social networks, enabling relationships with family/friends, accessing work placements, college placements or the pursuit of interests and hobbies

  • Help to maintain good professional relationships with care teams through support with correspondence, attending meetings, and support to achieve care plan goals

  • Support and advice to achieve compliance with medication, including the formulation or adherence to advance statements

  • Providing emotional and psychological support

  • Support and advice to achieve a high standard of personal care

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