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Recovery Process

As a service, "365 Support" aims to provide people with the opportunity to recover to the extent that they are able to function at their optimum level.

Research has found that the following aspects of people’s life help to promote recovery:

  • Good relationships

  • Financial security

  • Satisfying work

  • Personal growth

  • The right living environment

  • Developing one’s own cultural or spiritual perspectives

  • Developing resilience to possible adversity or stress in the future

Other areas that people have highlighted as supporting factors are:

  • Being believed in

  • Being listened to and understood

  • Getting explanations for problems or experiences

  • Having the opportunity to temporarily resign responsibility during periods of crisis

In addition, it is important that anyone who is supporting someone during the recovery process encourages them to develop their skills and supports them to achieve their goals. To achieve this end the service will encourage and indeed expect feedback from those in support as well as from their significant others. We will also ensure that the person is included in all aspects of decision making with regards to their care, housing, support and meaningful activities.

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